Time Has Come


      The time has come for me to put these words down. It has come time for me to find peace within myself, and allow my story to be heard. I have always believed that my story and journey would one day come to help, and heal myself, and those around me. Telling it will allow me to become free from a kind of bondage, that has kept me from what I want to share, I have felt ashamed, and that I should take caution when telling this with so many family and friends watching my every move. You should never feel ashamed of sharing your Story.
      I give you, as my readers, My friends, My family, and acquaintances, Permission to step foot into a place of vulnerability, a place that is uncomfortable, scary, and sad. This story doesn’t end sad though, this story has a happy ending. This story ends with an ending that can help you, or someone you know find their way to a place of happiness, and peace. I allow you to read my story, and experience with me the journey of finding hope, peace, and forgiveness. It has been hard, and it will continue to be difficult, this will not be an easy read, and it will not be easy to write, I myself am still healing, and am still fighting to forgive.
      I hope that In doing this I receive positive support. I know there will be people who will disagree with sharing this, especially by doing so on social media, but in our day and time, things seem to spread like wildfire, on social media, and that is the point. to reach as many people as this needs to. To help me post this I will attach a quote I came across, some courage to help push me into doing something pretty scary.









































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