Day ONE! Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I am challenging myself to do a 30 day writing challenge, I got this idea from my Pinterest and decided this may be the best way to get over my writers block. To start this off here are TEN things that make me happy.


If you are a Book Worm like myself than you know what I mean when I say new books! I mean it could mean more than one thing…but where does your mind take you when you think about a new book? The newspaper smell you get when you flip the pages in your face? or the feel of the spine cracking in your hands? or the feel of the soft pages between your finger when you turn the pages???? or lastly, the excitement of going home, and cuddling up in your favorite spot on the porch with your favorite drink, or snuggling up in your bed with a little snack??? for me its all of these that make me SO happy. I could go bankrupt for being in a Barns and Noble, and not feel one once of guilt for it.

9. Pine Needles and Rain

Okay now I know some of you out there spend a lot of time in nature, exploring and going on long adventures so I’m not to crazy when I say that I LOVE the smell of pine needles and rain. I don’t know what it is about the two together but when you are camping in the mountains and its been raining the smell of the pine trees and rain just brings this sense of security, and relaxation. This too makes me feel really happy. I like to breath in the fresh mossy air.

8. Sleeping

This has got to be on everyone’s “happy” list. Sleep is one of the best things in the world, almost. It’s so refreshing to be able to go home from a long days of work, shower eat dinner, and then snuggle up with your significant other and fall asleep. It’s even better when you wake up, ready to go and relaxed and feeling energized and just ready to jump through the day. sleeping is my safe haven. I could sleep for hours and hours and not even care where the day has gone. For most people this would drive then crazy (like my husband) but for me its one way to just let everything go and let your dreams wisp you away for a little while. No worries. . . unless you are like me and sometimes still have night terrors..than it isn’t as nice. BUT still, sleeping makes my mind feel happy.

7. Sarah’s Scribbles and C-Cassandra

Everyone has got to of heard of these two amazing talented Ladies. The comic drawings literally are my life, they perfectly depict everything in my life to the T. These two make me laugh, and at times make me feel like I’m not the only one going through the things they draw out.

6. Shaved Legs, and Clean Silk Sheets

If you are someone who shaves your legs, you know this blissful moment after your bath, or shower when you have shaved your legs, and crawl into a clean silky bed. The feeling is indescribable, its almost like your sinking into a silky cocoon, and you never want to leave.

5. Coffee

I’m in sort of bad relationship with this one…you see I’m not supposed to be drinking coffee, because I am LDS….and there may be a lot of back lash but anyway….I love the stuff. There is something in it..the Caffeine or the warmth that just makes my insides sort of flutter, it fills every nook and crannie with warm fuzzy feelings and how could you not love the stuff, beside the taste is really good too. sometimes i will have a cup when i really need a good pick me up…but other than that I try my hardest to stay away.

4. Long Drives

I’m the kind of person that on occasion needs a long drive with music playing, or even sometimes no music at all, I feel like this is the best therapy, along side painting. But when I just need a break from all worldly things this is what I enjoy doing. There is no planned destination, just where ever our wheels takes us.


I am obsessed with COWS. They are everything. The other day I went out and was taking pictures if my sister and this cow came right up to me…i wanted to let her so BADDD but had no idea what would happen….because you know it’s not everyday a cow just comes to say high..and besides I wanted to play with the flaps of her mouth, and knew I’d either get kicked or bit…and neither one would have been worth it….who am I kidding! It’s haunting me that I didn’t because it SOOOO would of been worth it.

2. Acrylic Paint

You know as an artist I love the way paint can be made into something so beautiful.. I love how flexible and easy it is to manipulate. That sounds a bit harsh but with Acrylic paint it glides so smoothly and sometimes it is just fun to put your whole hands in the paint and just use your fingers as your tools. I love the way the paint builds up on your brushes and mixes easily with the other colors. I don’t know there is just something about playing and staring at the way the paint is spread across a canvas that makes it so soothing to me.

1. My Husbands Grring Noises

When my husband is playing around with out dog, or any dogs in that matter, he does this GRRR ing noise. Any of his relatives would know what I mean. He also makes this Grring noise when he is yawning. Recently or maybe not so recently, a year ago my husband and I were at one of our local mavericks making a 3am soda trip. As I was waiting for my Ice to hit the line in my cup there came this load RAWR RAWR RAWRRRR noise I looked around for my husband because I was so shocked that he’d be making this load noise in public, I found him walking towards me with his normal scrunched eyebrow look trying to avoid anyone that came his way, and I busted out laughing!!!! he had no idea what i was laughing about, and I made him stay in the store till the stores AC kicked back on and made the load RAWR RAWR RAWRR noise, and asked him “does that sound familiar?” as first he was obliviouse as to what i was talking to then i told him ” you know how you yawn and you make this Rawring noise?” he looked at me and he too busted out laughing…almost every time we went to that maverick it would make that noise and I would bust out laughing. Sadly it has stopped…but this noise my husband makes yawning, and playing with dogs makes my heart beat fast, and make me feel all gooby inside. This makes me the Most happy.


Hope you enjoyed that little clip.

Anyway there you are, the Ten things in life that make me happy. You can expect to see day two either later tonight or later tomorrow!!!!











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