Another Rainy Day In Dixie 

Today is Sunday and again it is raining. I’m not complaining, I actually really love the rain. This morning around 9am I convinced my husband to take me to this little park.

He didn’t want to get out of the truck, but I convinced him to go with me. I needed to get out of the house, I had nothing to do and can’t be laying in bed, depressed all day.

We walked around, there wasn’t really anything interesting to take pictures of. I tryed to sneak up on some ducks. They flew away. Tried to sneak up on some frogs by following there noises, but they became silent and I couldn’t find them.

I continued to walk and came across some needles…like the ones in doctors offices, I never really think about people doing drugs, or how much of a drug problem there really is here in St. George, never really freaked me out till I saw those needles. My husband wanted to go back to the truck, but I wasn’t done exploring. I wanted to find those frogs.

Never found the frogs, I did however find some tiny tadpoles, but my camera had a hard time focusing on the water, with all of the rain, and the reflections.

I did realize that people here draw on the walls with chalk instead of spray paint, so that’s nice

After walking around for and hour we made our way back to the truck. When the sun comes out I am going to get some better photos.

I have a few spots picked out, plus it’s Sunday, and one of the places I want to got photograph, is on someone’s property, and I don’t think today’s a good day to go knocking on people’s doors.

In March I’m hoping to go to Zions, and I can’t wait for the photos I will have. I’m supper excited.

I apologize for the boring post today, just haven’t had alot happen. I hope you all enjoyed what photos I could take, and hope that you all are having a beautiful, rainy Sunday.

For anyone who is having a hard day today, you are never alone.


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