Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold

I can’t even explain how excited I was to have come across these old cars. My husband and I had been driving through New Castle, I had come across this beat up trailer and got so excited.

I had my husband stop the truck and pull over, he wasn’t so sure wether we should be there or not but I was already out of the truck. 

I got out and there was this cool looking gas pump just hanging out, so I got a few photos of that, and the car next to it. I take a walk toward the trailir, and my heart started raising. It was actually pretty scary looking on the inside, things had been tossed and turned, and broken. I didn’t get any pictures of the trailer I thought that it was just to freaky. 

I walked towards the back and spotted this old bug, it was beautifully rusted and had such a beautiful texture.

The sun was setting with created good shadowing, and gave a beautiful background in some of my photos. My husnand couldnt really understand why I was so happy about these cars, but seeing these pictures, I can’t even believe that I took them. 

I know that they aren’t perfect, but to me it was such a cool find, and such an adventure.

I love the rusty look, to me it’s better than a sparkle of silver or gold. 

 feel that I take the best pictures as the sun is rising, or seting. I also find that I take better pictures when I just jump in our truck and drive, not looking for anything really until I find it. Plus I get to spend time with my husband and who doesn’t enjoy that? Taking photos really does make me feel happy, to be able to create something so beautiful, it’s amazing. It takes my mind off of the hurt and pain of everything that goes on in my head. I appreciate the fact that my husband is able to work with my sudden urges to spontaneously decide to go on a drive to nowhere. 


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